We provide a wide variety of services. Currently you can find access to the following:


Professional auto detailing requires an understanding of both the vehicle surfaces as well as the fundamentals of materials, such as chemicals and equipment. Combining this knowledge along with the customerís request is what brings together the procedures that work for each individual situation.

At RAL our achievements have contributed to excellence in service as well as a satisfied customer. In order to maintain our quality of service, we are always educating ourselves in products in order to optimize our competence and maintain our success rate.

We offer the following but not exclusive detailing options:

  Full detailing including exterior, interior and engine
  Partial detailing which include exterior and interior
  Stubborn spot detailing
  Removal of stickers
  Customizable detailing of your vehicle dependant on customerís request

Automotive Services

Maintenance for your vehicle is specific to operating and climate conditions, therefore at RAL we are always keeping on track of latest regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

At RAL we provide mechanical repair services on all makes and models. Our mechanical team is trained to provide a variety of mechanical repairs that will not interfere with your manufacturerís warranties on both new and used vehicles.

We offer the following but not exclusive automotive services:

  Oil Change
  Tune ups
  Air conditioning repair
  Collision repair
  Automotive Accessories

At RAL we provide a variety of accessories to enhance your vehicleís appearance.

We offer a wide selection of the following but not exclusive accessories:

  Running boards
  Hood deflectors
  Rust proofing
  Rims and tire packages
  Window tinting
  Lid packages and caps
  Specialty exhaust systems

Used Car Sales

At RAL we have a selection of used vehicles for sale. We are registered with the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC). As a member we are required to comply with the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA). This regulatory body provides consumers an opportunity to check a dealerís registration status.

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